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East Uniontown Pennsylvania Picture

Digital cameras use the jpeg format to save and store a picture on the camera’s memory card. Making the East Uniontown Pennsylvania picture files smaller allows the camera to squeeze more pictures on the memory card. Most cameras give you a choice of two or three levels of jpeg picture compression. You often find these settings under the “picture quality” or “quality” mode in the cameras menu. Remember the finer or higher your cameras setting is on, the less your camera’s picture files will be compressed.

Why would you want bigger picture files? Doesn’t that mean less of them – fewer pictures on the memory card? Correct. However, files with less compression produce higher picture quality than files with more compression. That is why they are commonly referred to as high quality or fine, as opposed to normal or standard. With ZoomInto.com’s browser based zooming technology the less compressed the image the higher the quality of the zooming depth of the East Uniontown Pennsylvania picture.

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